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HANDSTANDS w/ Flexibility Focus

Mondays 7-8pm


@HC:Fit Ninja Academy

Goodbye aches and pains, Hello gains and range! Start your week off boss with this class dedicated to improving your posture, mobility and range of motion.

We work on the flexibility and techniques behind the bendy side of Handbalancing. Like Mexicans, Flags, Figa and more.

Reduce acute work stresses on the body that cause discomfort and injury. Reduce tension stored in the body that effects mood and productivity.


Wednesdays 7-8pm


@HC:Fit Ninja Academy

Find your midweek balance of strength and flexibility. Become confident in the control of your own body. The Myths, Mysteries and Methods. Learn the ancient art of Handbalancing. 15 years compacted into an hour of practical techniques.

Step by step instruction to help you achieve your first handstand.

Even ideal for advanced practitioners who want to move onto one armed handstands, planches, mexicans and more!


Friday 6.30-7.30pm


@Airborn Academy

High Intensity Interval Training combined with Flexibility and Mobility empowering movements. All abilities welcome for this hardcore hour. The mobility segments are great for injury recovery and the high intensity movements have multiple variants incase you can’t do it.

Its all about pushing you to borderline vomit, pouring in sweat and those deep breathes. The best aches that you know are making you stronger and more flexible.

If its Burning, it Working, and HIIT-FLEX will set you on FIRE!



Age restrictions apply for some classes



Tuesdays 7-9pm


@Rainhill High School

Classes are run on behalf of Natalie Dignam Theatre School (07757318485)

Ages range from 5-15. The first hour is recommended for the younger ones.

We work on warm up games, stretches, rolls, cartwheels, walkovers, backflips and more.


Weekday Afternoons, subject to availability


@Airborn Academy

Tumbling has a growing following all over the world. Gymnasts, Acrobats, Trickers, Freerunners, Dancers…. the list goes on. Even athletes from sports traditionally separate from tumbling have now begun to see the benefits and fun in practicing it. Dance auditions are now part tumble auditions. Every competition seems to want some form of tumbling!

Theres not many adult tumbling classes around, so this is ideal for adult acrobats looking to build up those skills.

Understanding the importance of form, technique and foundation is paramount to how I coach tumbling.